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George Burns

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My friend Burt is the great grandson of George Burns.  He asked me to paint this portrait of His grandmother being held by Gracie and read a story by George Burns.  The Black and white photo was taken in 1931.  It was a fun assignment because it is like nothing else I have attempted before… I don’t know much about George Burns or Gracie but I’ve been told that Gracie was alot like Lucy from I love Lucy.. They had a tv show and it was really popular, but Gracie’s character was a classic “dumb blond”. 

     Burt has been watching my progress because he is my neighbor.  I like when people watch me work.  I have learned to take in all the comments and listen carefully to learn from them– even from people who have no experience with art.  Sometimes the people who know the least have the most insightful things to say. …

    Strange thing with wordpress is, I always invite people to comment, but only 3 people have made comments, out of the 2 thousand or so views…. strange.